31 May //

Heads up to anyone wanting window dressings pre Christmas 2023, unfortunately due to the high volume of work we are experiencing, as the 1st of June we are now booking work well into September, so our cut of dates for our installation orders will be much earlier than previous years.

11 August //

Change Ahead for 2023

The past few years have been quiet challenging for most businesses.  After the initial down turn we have been fortunate enough with our business that we continue to have an increased work load with our blinds, curtains and maintenance making it difficult for us to maintain our bricks and mortar store.  It was a difficult […]

25 July //


Crystals and Wellbeing Crystals and Wellbeing Products have been on high demand for a while now, we currently have more than 26 different Crystals in store and we thought we might give you a little information on some of the more popular stones and their meanings as follows Healing crystals for health Clear quartz: a clear […]

23 June //

Shutter Repairs

We have had a lot of people of late calling regarding repairs to roller shutters and roller doors, we are happy to advise that we do repairs and replacements for both…

22 June //

Hemp Seed Oil

  We believe The Aussie Legends Premium AAA grade hemp seed oils are some of the best if not the best in the world! And here’s a few reasons why. The Premium Quality Australian Oil has been grown in a high rainfall area with high nutrient rich soil and has a very high GLA content. […]