After Hours Shopping

How it works: We set up after hours shopping to accommodate those who work from 9am to 5pm and also for those who travel from out of town.  As our trading hours recently changed from the 1st of July 2021 as follows.  Monday we are currently closed to keep up with our increasing work load, then Tuesday to Friday is 10am to 4pm, and Saturday 10am to 12pm.  With after hours shopping you can come in and leisurely look at all the fantastic gifts & home wares, take in all the aroma’s, check out Our Baby section or just for that extra time needed to select your window dressings.

How To Book: To book an after hours shopping experience is as easy as contacting the store via phone (86422040) or email, preferably a week in advance and this is due to our home visits as we make appointments most days from 4pm onward.  However if your unable to give us advanced notice still get in touch with us and if we are able to we will make our self available for you.

Benefits: More time to browse at your leisure rather than rushing around during a lunch break’s.

Cost: Free.