Home Visits Appointment

How it works : Our home visits are personalized for each client depending on the product required. At the time of booking you will be asked a few questions so we have an idea of what it is  you’re looking for, this is so we can bring a range of fabric swatches and samples out to your home. Most of our home visits are conducted after hours and free of charge within the Port Augusta area. However we are quite flexible and will accommodate other times if required.

How to Book : You contact the store via phone or email too book in suitable time, it is advised to book at least a week in advance.

Benefits: One of the main benefits of having us come out to the home with samples is viewing the fabrics in the room they are to be installed in. The appearance of  colour’s and textures can change dramatically under different shades of lighting and reflect wall & floor colours, and this is how colours can clash.  It is much easier for us to give the correct advice if we are standing in the room with the fabrics, that is why we recommend clients who come in to make a selection to take the samples home first to get a true reading of the colour.

Cost: The Home visits are no charge for the Port Augusta, Stirling North & Blanch Harbour areas but we do charge travel and mileage outside of these zones, it is best to contact the store for more information as if we are in your area soon or your willing to wait until we are in your area then arrangements can be made to call at the same time for a minimal cost.