4 May // Mother’s Day Sunday May 8th

This Sunday is Mothers day and we all love to spoil our mum’s so why not call in to see what we have available for mum.

Our beautiful collection from Intrinsic by Adelle Basheer is just amazing, a South Australian company with coffee mugs, coin purses, clutches, key rings, diary’s  and much more.  Why not buy a couple of items to brighten up mums special day.

If you prefer something with a little scent why not purchase the amaznig Aroma Bloom, we have all the colours in stock including the new Pearl colours.  They can run up to 18 hours and will turn off automatically, I personally have one of these and my house always smells amazing, I like to turn it on when I leave for work and arrive home with it still going and the house smelling fresh and wonderful.   Select a pure essential oil or scented fragrance of your choice and there is plenty to choose form.

Woodwick candles are another way to say thank you to mum, they crackle while they burn and we have so many fragrances you will find it difficult to choose.

We also have a lovely range of kitchen hand creams by a company called blackmilk, it is relatively new in store but is proving to be popular selling out very fast so you will need to be quick if you want one for mothers day, we will have some more come in but they wont last.

Remember that life is not a rehearsal, we only get one go at it so remember to tell the ones your closest to how much they mean to you.  Giving is a wonderful way to show someone how they are appreciated but telling them means a whole lot more so remember give mum a big cuddle and tell her how much you love her.

Love you mum with all my heart Kylie xxxx