18 July // Changing Trends

 FeterTangerineChanging Trends,

There are so many changing trends at the moment, every time you watch TV there is another renovating TV program whether it be The Block, House Rules or another.  We are seeing new trends a lot faster these days, However like all aspects of the interior design industry, there are trending styles that come in and out of fashion, so don’t be disheartened when a trend you have decorated with ends.

As you would know styles and colours change with the season’s, that is why now when it is cold you should invest in beautiful woolly throws or something thick and fluffy to add warmth to a room, change existing cushions to something warmer in colour and texture.

This is also the case for window dressings although you probably don’t want to change curtains from season to season you can layer your window dressings and have the best of both worlds. Clean simple lines are still very popular; less is defiantly more when it comes to interior design and windows.

For insulation, by layering your window dressings you can block out the harsh heat in summer or open up to let in the warm winter sun in winter.

I read an article recently that was forecasting the 2017 trends and it was quite interesting to say the least, the heading read “if you just got Copper or Marble stop reading now”. There is a strong belief that the copper and rose gold look will be out by 2017, this is due to the oversaturation of cheap copies of these types of finishes, Marble is another they say is on the way out and that we should expect to see more raw earthy textures like timber, clay and wicker.

I was quite surprised to read that Terracotta was making a comeback and that the subway tile was making a rapid departure which I am not sad about as it is not my favorite.  In the fabrics we are likely to see some more flora’s return along with some well needed rich colours, the palette has all been earthy now for so long we are in need of a little colour.